Technical Solution Document

Online Doctor Appointment System

The objective of this system is to develop the Online Doctor's Appointment System for any Doctor/Clinic/Hospital.

Online Recruitment System

The purpose of designing the Online Requirement Portal is to give the jobseeker platform for finding a right and satisfactory job posted by the companies.

Online TestMate System

Online TestMate System will provide a basis for effective fulfillment of conducting online tests as a replacement for the paper based tests which are conducted during the internals in the college.

Apraisal Analysis System

A performance appraisal is a regular review of an employee's job performance and overall contribution to a company.Appraisal Analysis is differentiated into two modes.

Visa Management System

Major principle of this project is to analysis and solution online visa Processing System. Web based system that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

Seed Analysis Application

The purpose for designing an online portal for seed testing lab is to determine the standards of seeds more easily by performing different types of test.
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